Who I am

I work primarily as a linguist, studying the movements of the vocal tract articulators (e.g. tongue, lips, velum). Between data analysis and deep thinking about issues in cognitive science, I spend my time as a social and competitive ballroom dancer.

You can find an overview of all of my exploits in my curriculum vitae.

Picture of me


  • Phonetics

    What is the relationship between articulation and acoustics? How do the movements inside our mouths produce intelligble speech sound?

  • Phonology

    What are the fundamental cognitive units of speech production? How are these units organized and used to create the breadth of languages that exist?

  • Singing and Beatboxing

    What is singing? How do Tuvan throat singers, opera singers, and beatboxers all use the same instrument to create such wildly different sounds?


I am most proficient in MATLAB and PHP, with a working knowledge of Java, C++, Javascript, Python, SQL, HTML, and CSS. I first learned programming as a self-taught web developer. Since then, I have used my programming skills for linguistic analysis, including analysis of vocal tract movements in real-time magnetic resonance videos. I am also interested in database systems and web security.

Ballroom Dancer

I dance Open American Smooth (Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz) with my fierce dance partner, Tasia Dedenbach. I am the two-term president of the USC Ballroom and Latin Dance Team.