My name is Reed, and I suppose that deep down, I've always known I would be a linguist. I was an early reader with something of an affinity for language. Of course if you ask my Francophone friends about my French skills, they'll be gracious and say they've "heard worse," but as a kid I actually picked up languages and accents pretty quickly. I got to college with some background in French and Latin (don't let anyone tell you Latin is a dead language--it's only sleeping), so naturally I jumped at the chance to take a year of Intensive Japanese in the Residential College at the University of Michigan (Go Blue!). Though my Japanese was abysmal, I enjoyed learning it so much that I accidentally found myself taking Linguistics courses.

Since then, I've taken a semester of Intensive Russian, a semester-seminar on Montana Salish, and enough courses to scrounge up a Latin minor, not to mention the usual background Linguistics courses and a whole slew of advanced phonetics and phonology (language sounds as we actually say them and as we think we say them). The result is a bachelor's degree from one of the best universities in the country and immense respect for people who actually learn the languages they study.

Becoming a web developer for fun (no profit--yet) was the next logical step in my education. You won't see any computer science listed in my transcript or resume, but the result is this website. Everything here, except for a couple jQuery plugins--was written by me. That's HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySQL, and smatterings of some other stuff. I'm sure others learned it faster, but I think I did pretty well in just four months while balancing a busy social life, road trip, and sometimes-job.

Which reminds me: I'm currently looking for work! If you're a potential employer, I really hope you like what you see here. I'm a hard worker, a quick study, a good team player...oh, just call me in for an interview and I'll tell you everything you need to know. You can send me a quick message on my Contact page, or print off my resume and use the contact information listed there.

That's about it for this page. Thanks for reading, and have a wonderful day.