Resume (pdf)


University of Michigan (U of M)
Ann Arbor
  • B.A. from the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts
  • High Honors in Linguistics
  • Specialization: Phonetics
  • Concentration GPA: 3.74; Overall GPA: 3.64
  • Residential College, Honors Program

Employment Experience


Speech Data Evaluator
Google, contracted through Adecco
October 2011-present
  • Evaluate text data to generate a readable script for speech synthesis
  • Proofread scripts for errors, style and readability
  • Edit scripts to maximize phonetic coverage
  • Label text for disambiguation and expansion
  • Work efficiently with massive amounts of data


Curriculum Developer
Accent Reduction Institute
January 2011-September 2011
  • Used knowledge of phonetics and phonology to develop study aids and assessment materials for accent reduction training
  • Worked with text normalization and developed resources for specific sounds
  • Researched and summarized various language-related concepts
  • Functioned as part of a team to produce a high-quality product
  • Wrote reviews of those test problems, highlighting strengths and areas of improvement
Campus Tour Guide
U of M Office of Admissions
October 2010-August 2011
  • Gave walking tours of the university to prospective students and other age groups
  • Quickly acquired knowledge about the university's history and culture
  • Presented information in a friendly and engaging manner
  • Adapted well to unexpected situations
Orientation Peer Advisor
U of M Honors Program
May 2011-August 2011
  • Met incoming students cheerfully and helped them prepare for college
  • Clearly and concisely explained university requirements and class details
  • Gave positive feedback about student life
  • Instilled confidence in students about their futures

Professional Experience

Linguistics Tutor
U of M Linguistics Department
January 2011-present
  • Taught basic phonetics, phonology, morphology, and syntax to linguistics students
  • Explained complicated material in innovative ways
  • Taught in one-on-one and group settings
Linguistics Club President
Linguistics Club, U of M
May 2010-May 2011
  • Recruited and managed a team of executive board members
  • Doubled the number of yearly events
  • Fostered consistent attendance at club meetings
  • Created a free peer-tutoring service from scratch
  • Cooperated with university faculty and staff for funding and other support
Undergraduate Representative
U of M Linguistics Department
August 2010-April 2011
  • Spoke on behalf of Linguistics undergraduates to faculty and staff
  • Influenced department policy
  • Worked with other representatives to create Linguistics events and promote the concentration
Honors Thesis
April 2011

  • Conceptualized, designed, performed, analyzed, and wrote up a speech perception experiment
  • Turned abstract theories into concrete projects
  • Worked with human participants


The Phonetics of Default Glottal Stop Epenthesis
April 2011


The Philips Prize for Excellence in Latin (II)


University of Michigan Men's Glee Club
Linguistics Club, University of Michigan
U of M/Ann Arbor Go Club